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We are passionate about helping others achieve personal and business success. We offer a vast set of resources for our entrepreneur, company and non-profit partners. We train staff, share best practices for business development and create a collaborative environment for business and personal growth.

We are living the business we run. Sharing solutions from what we learn. Helping others live into the best they can possibly be.

We are DK Solutions.


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Kristy Daniels Jackson

CEO Lead Coordinator & Consultant

A passionate visionary with a heart for people. Kristy has a gift for inspiring others using her years of entrepreneurial and non-profit start-up experience coupled with her leadership in the education system.



James A. Jackson II

Lead Consultant

A musician at heart and a passion for ministry. James is a sought after speaker, music administrator, leader and facilitator. He brings a service mindset to the table in order to create solutions for any need.



We are a dedicated team of coaches who specialize in leadership and business training and development.


Kim Burke


Devon Moody-Graham


Antwain Jackson


Shawn Mahony

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