Why Would Anyone Trust You To Lead?
July 19, 2018

When: Thursday, July 19, 2018   |  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Where: Manifest Digital, 4240 Duncan Avenue Suite #240, St. Louis, MO 63110


The principles of leading successfully – perhaps better formulated as ‘why people trust some more than others’ – can be applied in any type and size of organization. As most of the world’s recognized leaders can attest, the way in which we lead is a choice, but nothing is more powerful than establishing a voluntary following.

So what is it about you? Why would others want you to be their leader? Which of your leadership skills did you start out with? Which have you developed over time? Which are you ignorant to? And how can you take your role as a long-term leader to the next level by understanding what makes you great?

The full-day course is designed to highlight the 8 core principles of leadership, learn from inspiring leaders, and investigate each individual attendee’s proficiency through a series of interactive modules. Those include first-impression role-plays and communication /social /prioritization skill assessments.


  • a brutally honest, 30-point evaluation of how others perceive you personally & professionally
  • a better and more nuanced understanding of your role to lead a contemporary organization
  • awareness of your leadership deficits along with tips and tools for self-improvement
  • a prioritization and action plan to become the trusted leader you want to be


It’s never too early for entrepreneurs to define their leadership style and their company culture.

Starting a business? Growing a business? Leading a team? This course is designed to give you time to reflect on what motivates people to go above and beyond on a daily basis, and to look at oneself critically to become or remain an exemplary leader. It is particularly relevant for those in the process of building a business and a corporate culture to be proud of.


Refreshments and light snacks will be serves throughout the day. We’ll break for an hours around noon with nearby available lunch options. Right after the course, everyone’s invited to join for a round of networking at Venture Café down the hall.

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